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Polo & Heather Abshire

November 28,2012 changed our lives forever. We, as a family, knew we wanted to build our "forever dream home" but were uneasy about who to choose to build it. After sitting down with Jason & Laurie Huff from Platinum Homes there was no question. On November 28th, our slab was poured and our dreams were turning into reality. After years of planning the hard work was paying off. Working with Platinum Homes was a great fit for us. Having Laurie to guide us on selecting everything from floor to ceiling was a success. She took my ideas, added hers and our home was born. Her determination to make our home beautiful was none other than perfection. Jason always put us at ease if a problem occurred ( which were very few). We, of course, had many changes throughout the building process. The changes we made were easily navigated by Jason's knowledge of the construction process. We have had several people walk through our home and they are in awe of the detail and architecture that was put forth. We can truly say that our dream is now a reality. Thanks to Platinum Homes we are living happily ever after. We highly suggest contracting Platinum Homes for your needs, you will not be disappointed.

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Platinum Homes has a reputation for quality home building which is displayed throughout the home. We design with the knowledge and experience of building. Your home should be beautiful and functional.

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