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Kevin & Danielle Keyser

My name is Danielle Keyser. My husband, Kevin, and I decided to build our dream home to take advantage of the historically low interest rates available to home builders today. It was a major life decision to go from our first home to our dream home. We were ready to make the financial investment, but hesitant, initially, because we were not willing to commit our limited free time, to stress and fight with each other over building a house. We have a six year old and an eight year old that use up whatever emotional energy we have left at the end of the work day. We chose to trust our endeavor to Platinum Homes, after meeting with Jason and Laurie Huff, because of the experience and talents that each of them have to offer.

The two of them assisted us in tweaking our house plans to cover every detail, down to where I wanted electrical sockets to plug in my Christmas lights. Once the project was under way, they were on the job daily, ensuring that things were proceeding with accuracy and efficiency. We met many of the subcontractors when we would go by in the evenings. They were proud to show us their part in our home, and spoke very highly of Platinum Homes as well. It made it fun to see what new things had been completed every few days, as opposed to frustrating to discover nothing being accomplished (we have heard horror stories from friends). Jason and Laurie took the time to listen to the details of the house we wanted to end up with. They were very close in their bid, allocating costs to areas that they knew would add value and beauty to our home, and that we would not be able to easily upgrade at a later time (ex. The beautiful tile work in our kitchen and master bathroom).

Laurie's background in interior design was such a great benefit to me. I let her know, before we began, that I was not going to be able to take a lot of time off of work to choose colors and fixtures, etc. She analyzed my tastes, then she narrowed down selections so that I could quickly and easily choose the details that I wanted. It was fun for me to look at 20 light fixtures, as opposed to thousands. I gave her a color scheme, and she gave me several shades to pick from for each room. She was extremely organized. I took one day off of work, at the time in the project that was necessary. In that one day, we chose brick, granite, flooring, and paint colors. It was fun and completely stress free from start to finish.

We have now been living in our home for a year. I have friends that have had trouble getting in touch with their builder two weeks after moving in, when they had major leaks and problems with something. Jason and Laurie have always returned our calls immediately, and have handled anything we had concerns over, which have been nothing more than small details. Platinum Homes has made our dream home a reality, stress free and fun.

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Platinum Homes has a reputation for quality home building which is displayed throughout the home. We design with the knowledge and experience of building. Your home should be beautiful and functional.

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