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John & Cynthia Nowlin

We recently decided to build our dream home.  After a long search, we settled on two lots in Walker’s Lake subdivision.  At that point we went looking for a builder.  We looked at several homes under construction by three different builders.

After meeting with all three.  By far, the most attentive builder was Laurie and Jason Huff of Platinum Homes.  Laurie’s design experience proved invaluable in getting our wants reduced to a set of plans.  Our two lots back up to the lake so we wanted to maximize our view all across the back of the house.  Laurie accomplished this beautifully.  Many times when we were undecided about features we would just look at Laurie and ask “What would you do?”  (It always ended up being the best idea.) 

Jason’s construction expertise and good subcontractors got the house completed exactly when promised.  A home down the street started 2 months before ours and finished 2 months after we moved in.

If you are looking for a young, talented, professional home builder committed to excellence, we would strongly recommend Platinum Homes.

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Platinum Homes has a reputation for quality home building which is displayed throughout the home. We design with the knowledge and experience of building. Your home should be beautiful and functional.

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