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Jerry & Marielle Babb

In 2008, we built our starter home with Platinum Homes, so when it came time for a bigger family home, we put up our first home for sale, and it was listed and sold for full price in ONE day!! We had already experienced and lived with the quality of home that Platinum Homes produces and we were ready to do it again!

When building with Platinum Homes, you can expect help every step of the way, and with every detail. Laurie helped us choose our floor plan and even helped to think about furniture arrangements so that we could get the right dimensions for each room. She went with us to every selection meeting for granite, flooring, plumbing, and tile, among others. Laurie thinks of everything from where it would be helpful to have an electrical outlet, to planning out the budget so that there are no financial surprises. No matter how wild our interior designing dreams seemed to us, Laurie helped us to incorporate them in a way that turned our dreams into a reality. Her interior design experience combined with her experience with building homes helped to combine function and beauty in the design of our home. Jason was always available and frequently on site to manage the construction of our home. He was always patient and understanding with us, and did what we wanted with no questions asked. Many builders will question why you want to do something and try to talk you out of it because it’s too much trouble, but with Platinum Homes, the experience is the opposite. 

We built this home during one of the busiest times in our lives! Our first child was born the same week that they poured the slab. It would be an understatement to say that this was the easiest custom home building process that we could possibly have imagined. 

We are so happy with our new home, and feel like we are living in a beautiful vacation home with our things moved in! We love it so much we can’t imagine selling again and moving, but if Laurie is right (and she usually is) about us wanting a bigger home as our family grows, then we will do it again, and build our third home with Platinum Homes. 

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Platinum Homes has a reputation for quality home building which is displayed throughout the home. We design with the knowledge and experience of building. Your home should be beautiful and functional.

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