Our Testimonials

The stress free experience that Jason and Laurie bring to the building process made them our only choice. You will not be disappointed.

Platinum Homes built our first home, so naturally we decided to build our current dream home with them.  Not only is their quality unsurpassed, but the stress-free experience that Jason and Laurie bring to the building process made them our only choice.  With our desires in mind, we met with Laurie, she then helped us select the perfect plan for our lot.  Picking out everything was made stress free with Laurie's help.  She gave advice that was needed, was open and reassuring to all of my out of the box ideas, which all turned out amazing.  A truly custom home that she made sure would accommodate our growing family.  
We were able to see each step taken and Jason would answer any questions we had on site.  Once our home was complete, it surpassed all expectations we had and more.  We would highly recommend using Platinum Homes when building a custom home to anyone.  You will not be disappointed.

Katy & Eric French

She and Jason eased any little worry I had and made the whole experience fun and memorable.

When we decided to start the building process I began talking with a few different builders.  I knew in my mind what kind of house I was looking for, but wasn't able to find it on paper.  
Meeting with Laurie for the first time, I remember telling her what we wanted and how much we wanted to spend.  I'll never forget the words she said to me..."We can do this".  That was it, I was sold, I knew this was the right builder for us.
She took our wants into consideration and came up with that "perfect" plan we had been searching for.  She helped every step of the way form paint colors and flooring to coordinating cabinet colors with granite.  Together, we took inspiration pictures and made them into reality.  She and Jason eased any little worry I had and made the whole experience fun and memorable.
We now have a beautiful home and we couldn't be happier.

Ray & Amy Purtle

If you are looking for a young, talented, professional home builder committed to excellence, we would strongly recommend Platinum Homes.

We recently decided to build our dream home.  After a long search, we settled on two lots in Walker’s Lake subdivision.  At that point we went looking for a builder.  We looked at several homes under construction by three different builders.
After meeting with all three.  By far, the most attentive builder was Laurie and Jason Huff of Platinum Homes.  Laurie’s design experience proved invaluable in getting our wants reduced to a set of plans.  Our two lots back up to the lake so we wanted to maximize our view all across the back of the house.  Laurie accomplished this beautifully.  Many times when we were undecided about features we would just look at Laurie and ask “What would you do?”  (It always ended up being the best idea.) 
Jason’s construction expertise and good subcontractors got the house completed exactly when promised.  A home down the street started 2 months before ours and finished 2 months after we moved in.
If you are looking for a young, talented, professional home builder committed to excellence, we would strongly recommend Platinum Homes.

John & Cynthia Nowlin

It would be an understatement to say that this was the easiest custom home building process...

In 2008, we built our starter home with Platinum Homes, so when it came time for a bigger family home, we put up our first home for sale, and it was listed and sold for full price in ONE day!! We had already experienced and lived with the quality of home that Platinum Homes produces and we were ready to do it again!
When building with Platinum Homes, you can expect help every step of the way, and with every detail. Laurie helped us choose our floor plan and even helped to think about furniture arrangements so that we could get the right dimensions for each room. She went with us to every selection meeting for granite, flooring, plumbing, and tile, among others. Laurie thinks of everything from where it would be helpful to have an electrical outlet, to planning out the budget so that there are no financial surprises. No matter how wild our interior designing dreams seemed to us, Laurie helped us to incorporate them in a way that turned our dreams into a reality. Her interior design experience combined with her experience with building homes helped to combine function and beauty in the design of our home. Jason was always available and frequently on site to manage the construction of our home. He was always patient and understanding with us, and did what we wanted with no questions asked. Many builders will question why you want to do something and try to talk you out of it because it’s too much trouble, but with Platinum Homes, the experience is the opposite. 
We built this home during one of the busiest times in our lives! Our first child was born the same week that they poured the slab. It would be an understatement to say that this was the easiest custom home building process that we could possibly have imagined. 
We are so happy with our new home, and feel like we are living in a beautiful vacation home with our things moved in! We love it so much we can’t imagine selling again and moving, but if Laurie is right (and she usually is) about us wanting a bigger home as our family grows, then we will do it again, and build our third home with Platinum Homes. 

Jerry & Marielle Babb

Out of all of the decisions we made when building our home, choosing Platinum Homes was by far the best and most crucial one we made.

As our family began to grow, we knew it was only a matter of time before we would need a larger home.  We have always known that when that time came we wanted a custom home.  My wife and I have always enjoyed attending the Parade of Homes, open houses, and have stayed current with architectural and design trends.  We also knew one of our greatest challenges in the entire process was going to be finding a builder who met, not only the obvious criteria of doing quality work, being honest, and available throughout the process, but also gave us the time and energy to explore all of the options and ideas that make a custom home truly custom.

So after talking with many friends, family and just about everyone we knew who has gone through the building process, we began meeting with contractors.  After making our way through our short list, we decided to use Platinum Homes.  Both Laurie and Jason were extremely professional and were open to and all ideas we wanted to implement.  Another major contributing factor was that Laurie, being an interior designer as well as a licensed contractor, gave her an unique perspective of how to best layout our floor plans to seamlessly incorporate the interior design ideas we had.

Throughout the building process there was constant communication of what progress was made and which upcoming decisions would need to be made.  We bombarded both Laurie and Jason with hundreds, if not thousands of questions, opinion requests, and ideas throughout the build and every single one was met with an immediate response and feedback.  We can’t stress enough how willing and committed they were to make sure every detail was exactly as we wanted it.

Upon completion of our home we were elated to see all of our ideas and their attention to detail come together just as we hoped they would.  The entire process from start to finish could not have gone any better and came in exactly on budget!  Out of all of the decisions we made when building our home, choosing Platinum Homes was by far the best and most crucial one we made.

Brandon & Lauren Gaspard

...the whole experience was pleasant and stress free. ...we would choose Platinum Homes as our contractors again.

When my husband and I decided to build our first home, we made the decision to use Platinum Homes as our contractors based on Jason and Laurie’s experience in the business and homes they have built. From start to finish, the whole experience was pleasant and stress free. Laurie was extremely helpful in guiding us to make decisions that gave us the look we wanted in our home, but still functional for our family. Jason has a great attitude, he is very relaxed and always able to present solutions to any problem that may arise. We have been living in our home for over a year now and have no regrets. If we had to do it all over again there is no doubt we would choose Platinum Homes as our contractors again!

Will & Shaunna Blanchard

We highly suggest contracting Platinum Homes for your needs, you will not be disappointed.

November 28,2012 changed our lives forever. We, as a family, knew we wanted to build our "forever dream home" but were uneasy about who to choose to build it.  After sitting down with Jason & Laurie Huff from Platinum Homes there was no question.  On November 28th, our slab was poured and our dreams were turning into reality.  After years of planning the hard work was paying off.  Working with Platinum Homes was a great fit for us.  Having Laurie to guide us on selecting everything from floor to ceiling was a success. She took my ideas, added hers and our home was born.  Her determination to make our home beautiful was none other than perfection. Jason always put us at ease if a problem occurred ( which were very few).  We, of course, had many changes throughout the building process.  The changes we made were easily navigated by Jason's knowledge of the construction process.  We have had several people walk through our home and they are in awe of the detail and architecture that was put forth.  We can truly say that our dream is now a reality.  Thanks to Platinum Homes we are living happily ever after.  We highly suggest contracting Platinum Homes for your needs, you will not be disappointed.

Polo & Heather Abshire

...a very pleasurable and memorable experience.

A few months ago, we decided to buy a new home.  While looking at new homes on the market, we noticed that the construction and design of the homes built by Platinum Homes by far exceeded our needs and wants in our home.  Their attention to detail is remarkable.  Our experience with Laurie Huff has been pleasurable since our first phone call.  She and her staff were very helpful and made the process of buying a home less stressful.  Platinum Homes will be our contractor when we build or buy our next home.  That said, we would like to thank Platinum Homes for making the purchase a very pleasurable and memorable experience.  We will always recommend them to anyone who is considering building or buying.  We love our new home!

Mercedes Prejean & David Taylor

We ended up with much more than we ever expected.

We were introduced to Jason and Laurie Huff with Platinum Homes to give us some design ideas for an outside entertainment area. We wanted more than a metal awning over a slab. We also took the opportunity to have two other contractors specializing in backyard transformations put ideas and pricing together.

Platinum Homes, by far, had the best design complimented by the added details. The budget was set and was met. The construction teams were very mindful that this was a renovation with the owners still living on site. As we moved forward with the project, we discovered other items we wanted to complete at the same time. Hating to disrupt the schedule, we would mention it and with a smile, we would get back "No problem". We were always given a fair price.

We ended up with much more than we ever expected. Laurie helped throughout the project with color schemes and coordination of construction materials, as we were clueless. Jason was on the job daily checking things out and asking if everything was ok. Both are true professionals in their field. Our renovation was completed on a timely basis and we are so proud. We wanted the "WOW" factor when someone would step into the area and truly have it now. They have been a pleasure to work with.

Greg & Pat Case

Platinum Homes made the process enjoyable...

When our family outgrew our "starter" home my husband and I were determined we would NOT build. Having done additions and renovations to our first home we did not want to go through the stress and headache of new construction. We are so happy we made the switch from purchasing to building. Platinum Homes made the process enjoyable; their attention to details and experience impressed us during those obstacles of new construction. We were able to build a home that fits our family's lifestyle and personality; we look forward to the many years of memories you have helped us to provide our children.

Michael & Kathryn Franklin

Platinum Homes has made our dream home a reality, stress free and fun!

My name is Danielle Keyser. My husband, Kevin, and I decided to build our dream home to take advantage of the historically low interest rates available to home builders today. It was a major life decision to go from our first home to our dream home. We were ready to make the financial investment, but hesitant, initially, because we were not willing to commit our limited free time, to stress and fight with each other over building a house. We have a six year old and an eight year old that use up whatever emotional energy we have left at the end of the work day. We chose to trust our endeavor to Platinum Homes, after meeting with Jason and Laurie Huff, because of the experience and talents that each of them have to offer.

The two of them assisted us in tweaking our house plans to cover every detail, down to where I wanted electrical sockets to plug in my Christmas lights. Once the project was under way, they were on the job daily, ensuring that things were proceeding with accuracy and efficiency. We met many of the subcontractors when we would go by in the evenings. They were proud to show us their part in our home, and spoke very highly of Platinum Homes as well. It made it fun to see what new things had been completed every few days, as opposed to frustrating to discover nothing being accomplished (we have heard horror stories from friends). Jason and Laurie took the time to listen to the details of the house we wanted to end up with. They were very close in their bid, allocating costs to areas that they knew would add value and beauty to our home, and that we would not be able to easily upgrade at a later time (ex. The beautiful tile work in our kitchen and master bathroom).

Laurie's background in interior design was such a great benefit to me. I let her know, before we began, that I was not going to be able to take a lot of time off of work to choose colors and fixtures, etc. She analyzed my tastes, then she narrowed down selections so that I could quickly and easily choose the details that I wanted. It was fun for me to look at 20 light fixtures, as opposed to thousands. I gave her a color scheme, and she gave me several shades to pick from for each room. She was extremely organized. I took one day off of work, at the time in the project that was necessary. In that one day, we chose brick, granite, flooring, and paint colors. It was fun and completely stress free from start to finish.

We have now been living in our home for a year. I have friends that have had trouble getting in touch with their builder two weeks after moving in, when they had major leaks and problems with something. Jason and Laurie have always returned our calls immediately, and have handled anything we had concerns over, which have been nothing more than small details. Platinum Homes has made our dream home a reality, stress free and fun.

Kevin & Danielle Keyser